Heat transition

Transition thermique

Demo Programme

With the "Download" you can load the stationary Heat Transition programme "WDurch5"
into your computer operating systems WINDOWS 10, 8, 7 or Vista.
(Not suitable for the construction of buildings and central heatings)
In the Demo-version is locked printing and the ambient temperature.

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If you click upon [Download…], you can store the packed file “WDDemo.exe”
into a before designated directory. Click upon WDDemo.exe,
then the software will be automatically unpacked e.g. to “c:\Programme\Wdurch\WDurch.exe”.
The next menu “Please choose your language” can be hidden under another window.
If you have difficulties with the installation into a computer with a non-Latin system language like Chinese, Russian or Greek, then you go into your WINDOW system and change your system language to English (or German), but after installing you change it back to your language.