Heat transition

Transition thermique


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Prices 04/20120, PC program, operating systems MS-WINDOWS 10, 8, 7, Vista

By: f-soft, Dipl.-Ing. J.Fritsche & Sohn
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1. M i n i - version stationary Heat Transition "WDurch5", no Upgrade
with 4 rows, without material file. If you buy a standard
version later, the price of the MINI-versions will be subtracted,
except an using fee of 50 €/year
2. Standard - version stationary Heat Transition "WDurch5"
with 20 rows, with material administration
following "Technical Description", chapter 4: "Technical Overview"
File "WLDemo" with 30 materials, extendible unlimited and changeable
2.1 Basic price Upgrade "WDurch5": 100 €    
2.2 Annual fee Upgrade "WDurch5": 50 €/year (upon special order)    
3. File „WLong“ with more than 1600 fireproof and insulating materials, extendible and changeable (to the standard version)
divided by more than 90 multi-lingual headlines
(The price of the file is once also for more installations)
3.1 Update "WLong" annual fee: 25 €/year (upon special order)    
4. E x t e n s i o n to the standard version    
4.1 Loss of temperature in a simple vessel [°C/h]
as a rectangular or cylindrical figure (stationary)
e.g. steel ladle with cover, waste gas channel or conduction
5. Instationary (transient) Heat Transition „INSTAT“ 950.--
  Heating or cooling of plates, cylinders or spheres
Before must be calculated a stationary calculation point 2.
5.1 Basic price Upgrade "INSTAT": 80 €    
5.2 Annual fee Upgrade "INSTAT": 40 €/year (upon special order)    
6. Extension of the "Instationary"    
6.1 Water evaporation in the rows at a selected temperatur 400.--
Standard: German², English², French³, Spanish³, Italian³
³ = Prints out of the "Instationary" are possible, ² = also dialog
The material file can work with 5 languages only
  other language:  
  new language:  
  Languages with non Latin characters are possible

Hotline: Cost-free and unlimited
Network: On demand (give number of concerning workstations)

Delivery: After prepay of our Pro form Invoice
Bank codes: BIC: GENODED1BNA
IBAN:  DE16 5776 1591 7132 4619 00 (Volksbank RheinAhrEifel)
Condition: Free of German tax (VAT) in foreign countries

European VAT REG N°: DE201365578
(insert only Company: Fritsche & Sohn)
European Merchandise-N° (INTRASTAT or INSTAT)
for disk(ette) with storage: 85 24 99 10

Discount: (except MINI-version)
40% for the 2nd installation of a programme
50% for further installations (e.g. for your representatives)
If you will give us an order, you call above: "Paper Order output".
Thereby you inform me about your operating system e.g. WINDOWS 10, 8, 7, Vista.
After the payment I will send you a new version of the program by CD,
with only 5 languages, which you can select above (at first it is a DEMO).
Thereto I will add a license file on a stick, it turns the DEMO into a run able version.
Further you get an Information fastening, available in English or German.

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