Heat transition

Transition thermique

Welcome to the producer of software "WDurch" for the calculation of
Heat transition at industrial furnaces and freezing-technics
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Fbruary 2023: Version 6.1.14 for MS-Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, see <DEMO Programme>
The version 6 has following highlights against version 5:
- The heat transfer can be called up according to the American standard ASTM C 680-19 (from 2019)
- The heat transition can be viewed and recalculated, see <Technical Description, chapter 2>
- Search for material: Previously by mat. N° and names, now also by max.temp., density and thermal conduct.
- Material headings can now be called up in 16 instead of 5 languages, other languages are possible
- Non-Latin fonts such as Chinese are now possible also in the material file (previously only in the text)
- Over 90 material headings are broken down by 5 main headings, see <Technical Description, chapter 3>