Heat transition

Transition thermique

We about us

Figure of our stand at the exhibition THERMPROCESS 99 in Düsseldorf

Exhibition THERMPROCESS 99 in Düsseldorf

standing: Lutz Fritsche
Marlena Fritsche
(Univ. Almaty)
Joachim Fritsche
Dr. Hermann Fischer
Free lancer

We about us

The company was founded in 1986 as “Programming office Fritsche”.

Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Fritsche can use his experience from calculations for the kiln construction and the inset of fireproof and insulating materials. He was also busy as a sworn expert for “Industrial furnaces and refractory technique”.

Son Lutz Fritsche adds his knowledge from his main job as a software developer in a great software house at Frankfurt.

By this the company was recalled “Fritsche & Sohn” in 1999 with the additional name “f-soft”.

Direction of business

At the beginning we have developed in the System DOS also programmes for the combustion of gas (with condensation) and the layout of hot blast stoves (with temperature curves in the checker work).

With the change to the system MS-WINDOWS the company has concentrated to the Heat Transition.